Saturday, February 25, 2017

Steve Lee shares how he would handle chicken feet

There is a saying: 'If you go out to eat, don't worry about how the food is made' because sometimes there will be dark secrets inside the kitchen that will be revealed. It is better not to know than to know. Recently there was a short 20 second video clip circulating the internet, showing a restaurant chef wearing a pair of black rain boots and on the floor was a tub of chicken feet. Afterwards, the chef started treading onto the tub of chicken feet and during the process, a few pieces of the chicken feet fell onto the floor. After watching the clip, it is not known why the chef did this. Maybe this would make the chicken feet more tasty? Some people have said if you drop food onto the floor, you must eat it within 3 seconds and you won't get sick, but those chicken feet seems like it has been on floor for more than 3 seconds.

Reporters then phoned TVB's Steve Lee (Ding Ye 李家鼎) who is well known from his cooking program and asked about his thoughts of the clip. Ding Ye said, although his father used to open a restaurant, but he did not work there. So therefore he cannot comment on this type of approach. Since Ding Ye is very experienced in cooking, so how does he manage chicken feet? He said: "I would first wash it with water. To remove the bones, I would give a cut on the centre of the feet and then slowly take the bones out. It's just that simple!" In common sense, we would use our hands to handle chicken feet and it would be easier to use hands if they need to be marinated.

It is known that the location of the filmed video was from a restaurant located in Mongkok, but the restaurant has been closed down. It is believed this is an old video filmed a long time ago. Would people still avoid eating chicken feet after watching this video clip?

Source: hk01 (HK)
Translated by: lucychoi559 @ Asian E-News Portal
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