Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The average ratings for debut of TVB version, The Empress of China series was at 23 pts

The Mainland China series, The Empress of China (武则天) acted by Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) will be broadcasted in TVB at 9.30pm daily. However, the audiences did not expect to see a different version of added clothing with special effects and left with disappointed as could not see the beautiful women's chests in the drama.

Yesterday (27 April) was the airing of the debut series, The Empress of China and the average ratings was at 23 pts, around 1.49 million audiences, while the highest ratings was at 25 pts, around 1.55 million audiences. Last week, the ratings for Hong Kong Film Awards (金像奖颁奖典礼) was at 23 pts but could not be compared due to different program theme. Previously, the average ratings for the series, Tiger Cubs II (飞虎II) was between 19 pts to 25 pts and 25 pts happened to be the debut series of Tiger Cubs II. As for the finale of the series, Romantic Repertoire (水发胭脂), the average ratings was at 24 pts which was the same when broadcasted on weekdays. Finally, the highest ratings for finale of Smooth Talker series was at 25 pts only.

Last week, the highest ratings for re-broadcasted series, The Greed of Man (大时代) was at 6.4 and the average ratings was at 5.5, around 350,000 audiences. Also, TVB received 2 complaints about the series that it caused panic to the stock market and negative image to the police force.

The added clothing with special effects version of The Empress of China series broadcasted in TVB became the hottest topic on the Internet. On Facebook, the director Derek Kwok (郭子健) cursed at the 'chest closure' arrangement. Some netizens left their messages that Hong Kong society was perceived more conservative than Tang dynasty and requested to return the 'career line' to them. As such, TVB clarified that the edited version came from the production team in Mainland China. Deputy Director of External Affairs (企业传讯部副总监), Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明) pleaded for grievance: "This was set by General Administration of Press and Publication, TVB and overseas had to broadcast the version with additional clothing using special effects as it was perceived more natural. They then gave us the original version with added work and it was not added by TVB itself."

Source: HK Channel (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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