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Kevin Cheng is pointed to boycott Kay Tse and ask Anjaylia Chan about sexual questions? Find out what is his explanation

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) became popular in Mainland China after filming the series, Scarlet Heart (步步驚心) and continued to film large-scale production series in Mainland and his highest rate was four hundred thousand dollars per episode. This time, he returned to TVB to film new series, Blue Veins (殭) and was rumoured that Kevin decided not to renew contract after acting the series.

Kevin assumed he could survive in TVB without any worries and problems. Recently, a crew staff disclosed to the reporters about Kevin's overbearing behaviour, boycotting towards singer, Kay Tse (謝安琪) and causing embarrassments to Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) and her boyfriend about sexual activities prior to marriage.

On 15 April, the cast went for location shooting for Blue Veins series in Netherlands and at the airport, Anjaylia admitted to Kevin's embarrassing question about sexual activities: "Many people tended to be curious about this topic." Kevin had a big reaction and immediately walked towards the reporters after knowing about this and emphasised he respected religion.

Based on understanding, Anjaylia and her boyfriend were devoted Christian and had been in a relationship for one year plus and restricted themselves to sexual activities. However, this aroused the curiosity of Kevin and an unknown crew staff of Blue Veins series said: "Once we finished the location shooting and went for supper together with Kevin, Anjaylia, her boyfriend and others. Somebody suggested ramen and after sitting down, Kevin started to ask Anjaylia some questions related to sexual activities in front of everybody. Perhaps they were young and could not react in time, they answered his questions honestly. In fact, we felt pitiful for them!"

The crew staff also secretly recorded the conversation on that night and played it to the reporters.

Kevin: Both of you are Christian? Any sexual activities?
Anjaylia: Nope...... Nope!
Kevin facing towards her boyfriend: Did you play with yourself?
Her boyfriend: er...... er...... Yes......
Anjaylia: I did not help him at all and he said he played with himself!

The crew staff could see Anjaylia was extremely embarrassed and everybody remained silent except Kevin kept laughing and Anjaylia was suspected to be in tears.

Lawyer Vitus Leung (梁永鏗) expressed that questions related to sexual activities prior to marriage and playing with oneself could attribute to sexual harassment but depended on both relationship level. If both were friends, it might not be convicted as offence as the victim answered the questions willingly without any pressure. But if both were colleagues, superior or driver and passenger, it could be sexual harassment as failure to escape or avoid the questions.

Anjaylia Chan admitted to the incident

Anjaylia admitted Kevin Cheng did ask her about sexual topics while having supper with the cast together on 15 April: "He did ask." However as a newcomer, she quickly defended Kevin, TVB 'Ah Ge' and said: "In fact, many people will be curious about sexual topic. On that night, Kevin asked many sexual questions and as a girl, I did not really listen. (Your boyfriend answered to Kevin's many questions?) Should be as he could answer to Kevin's questions." When asked about the crying sound in the background during the recorded conversation, Anjaylia said: "It could be my eating ramen sound."

Kevin Cheng was in a hurry to explain

Kevin went to the airport to look for reporters to explain the situation after learning Anjaylia admitted to the media. He explained: "On that night, we ate ramen together with Anjaylia and her boyfriend and discussed about sexual topics. Thus, I asked her boyfriend about his solution. In fact, this conversation should not be exposed. I respect every religion very much though I am not Christian. Please refrain from reporting this news as it is a serious matter." Based on his reply, it was obvious Kevin was quite good in talking.

Told Kay Tse no need to work anymore

Kay Tse was asked about Kevin Cheng instigating Wong You Nam, Luk Wing Kuen and others to boycott her on 15 April, she expressed she continued chatting with Kevin and said: "Boycotting is a silly action which will not happen to me." In addition, it was Kay's first time to act in series and she tended to walk out of the camera focus and had NG frequently during filming. As such, Kevin was extremely unhappy and kept making things difficult for her.

A crew staff exposed: "Once, Kay told somebody that she might consider to stop working if her husband earned lots of money. Kevin then passed sarcastic remarks: " You need not work since you work this way and go back to look after your child." The same crew staff added that Kevin, Wong You Nam and Luk Wing Kuen boycotted her and left Kay out in every meal gathering. Hence, Kay mentioned it to her husband, Louis Cheung who requested the film producer, Joe Chan to stop the boycotting issue personally. Finally, Joe told Kevin to restrain himself.

When asked if Kevin and she chatted together or boycotted by him, Kay said: "We did chat to each other but I am not very good in talking. Boycotting is an immature action which will not happen to me." Based on the above incidents, looks like one of the female leads, Grace Chan was not bullied by Kevin at all.

Criticised her acting was poor

Once Kay told the crew staff that she might withdraw from entertainment industry, Kevin happened to walk pass and remarked her acting was poor and should return home to take care of her child instead.

Complained to her husband, Louis Cheung

Kay complained about the boycotting issue to Louis Cheung (張繼聰) and requested him to accompany her to Netherlands, but unfortunately, he was busy filming series. Louis then mentioned to the film producer, Joel Chan.

Kevin Cheng's evil deed record

Kevin Cheng joined the entertainment industry for 22 years and always had a smooth sailing career. Unfortunately after becoming famous, he started to be ungrateful, arrogant and showed his 'Ah Ge' behaviour and did other evil deeds as well.

Became enemies with his teacher

At 16 years old, Kevin started to learn singing from his teacher, Dai Si Cong (戴思聰) who brought him into the industry. Both became enemies due to commission problem in year 2006. Dao Si Cong expressed he took care of Kevin for 4 years and did not intend to calculate with him. When the contract expired, he disclosed somebody pretended to be pitiful, made some news in front of the media. Thus when Dai Si Cong passed away, Kevin was pointed as ungrateful and barred from paying respect to him by his family.

Alex Lam exposed about a bad situation

During an interview during the program, The Green Room (今日 VIP), Alex Lam (林子善) exposed Kevin was petty. arrogant and re-enacted the criticism about a shoe kicking incident. Kevin immediately showed a black face and rejected to reply it.

Incident during the filming of the series in year 2012

In year 2012, Kevin was pointed to have an arrogant attitude during the filming of the series, Gloves Come Off (拳王). During a boxing scene, Kevin was supposed to hit the opposite party and he even used vulgar language to send regards. Eventually, the martial arts instructor in the series was criticised and only left Kevin's chok face in front of the camera. Apparently behind the scene, Kevin refused to listen to others and care about himself only.

Source: HK Channel (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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