Monday, December 29, 2014

Jaycee Chan convicted: Joan Lin confines herself

Giving up her career back then for Jaycee Chan (房祖名), mother Joan Lin (林鳯嬌) hasn't reveal herself ever since her son's arrest. Jackie Chan (成龍) during an interview in Mainland expressed that Joan confining herself at home is actually a form of self-punishment. Jackie said: "This makes me feel even more ashamed, it's Jaycee's mother. All along, it has been only Jaycee's mother who looked after him. Because of my work, our time together is less than our time apart. After this incident, his mother hasn't stepped out the door for four months, won't see anyone, because she is punishing herself."

Saying he's a responsible father, but actually not a good father, Jackie, in regards to his son's situation, expressed that "he is not one bit distress", he said: "When it first happened, it was really tough. Even though I have to film each day and forget about the incident while filming, when I get home, I will always think about him." He continued and said that when the incident happened, he was shocked and ashamed that he even requested the lawyer to "give him two slaps for me"! Jackie said: "I was really fierce towards him, I had on this black face, can't smile at him, he always has on a sullen face that even the media pleads for Jaycee that he is old, don't scold him anymore!" He candidly expressed that he is currently reflecting upon his teaching style, believing that Jaycee hasn't experience the rigorous training he went through when he learned martial arts. So he thinks Jaycee is more fortunate than he is.

Although he repeatedly say that he doesn't feel hurt, but his thoughts and concern for his son were consistently shown throughout the whole interview. Speaking of Jaycee's future, Jackie said: "After he comes out, I still hope that he can go on his own path, I won't pressure him too much. I believe he has already receive his punishment, he will be stronger than before and a much better person. What young people haven't made mistakes, I hope the media, everyone, and his fans will give him one more chance to start over, this will be his biggest encouragement."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: chaierie @ Asian E-News Portal
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