Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ratings for Debut of series, Never Dance alone is 25 pts

On Monday, TVB new series, Never Dance Alone (女人俱樂部) showed its debut and achieved an average rating of 25 pts with around 1,620,000 viewerships. The highest rating is 26 pts with around 1,690,000 viewerships. The ratings was affected as that day was Easter Holiday. However if the series is able to maintain the same rating, film producer, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) plans to treat them to Europe or Asia for holidays. But, the most scary news is a trip to Cheung Chau (長洲) will be impossible if the series fails to maintain an average rating of 28 pts.

As for the finale of Ruse of Engagement (叛逃) shown on last Friday, it achieved an average rating of 28 pts and the highest was 32 pts. TVB received 6 complaints that the story was unreasonable. The programme, Good Cheap Eats 2 (食平DD) had an average rating of 23 pts which was increased by 4 pts, while Swipe Tap Love (愛我請留言) got an average rating of 24 pts. As for the shows, I am boss (我要做老闆) and Dinner Confidential (燭光晚餐) on Sunday had a ratings of 15 pts and 12 pts, but was dropped between 10 and 13 pts, upon comparing to Hong Kong Film Awards (金像獎頒獎禮).

Eric Tsang hoped the new series will have good reviews and his goal was to become the champion of ratings in the year. He said "I will treat the casts to tour around the world if the ratings hit 40 pts, to Asia countries if hit 30 pts, to Cheung Chau if has 28 pts and please look for (Zhou gong) if it falls below 28 pts." Also, Eric wished the new series, Never Dance Alone will ride on Mainland China series, Journey to the West (西遊記) airing at 8.30pm to maintain the ratings. When asked if he will be replenishing the food while touring around the world, Eric replied "Not only replenishing the food, I can have a son (Tian Ding) too."

Rachel Lee (李麗珍) rejected to have a son

Rachel Lee expressed that she did not mind having a son initially upon hearing the news about Eric Tsang (Tian Ding) announcement. However, she later said "My daughter is already 17 years old and will be furthering her studies in Canada. I rather become a grandmother and hope to see my daughter to get married than starting from zero to raise a child." Rachel disclosed that she did not mind her daughter's boyfriend was a caucasian but must inform her. With regards to the ratings, Rachel replied with a light heart and said "I am not greedy and feel contented if the audiences like watching it. Sometimes, the ratings may not be good despite of positive reviews and responses, as online streaming is available and may decrease the ratings."

Source: Mingpao (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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